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This blog began as a collection of preparatory notes I wrote for a bible study group, which paid particular attention to the prophetic readings in the synagogue calendar. The Haftarah Circle continued to meet for seven years. Subsequent posts were my divrei Torah and one or two Purimspiels, plus some random thoughts about prayer. More recently, under duress of a new, unfriendly, zeitgeist, I write about some aspects of being Jewish in the cold climate of modern populism.
Gillian Gould Lazarus


3 Responses to "About"

HI, I came across your blog. Very informative. Did you study the old testament at a college? I guess I want to know how authentic your interpretations are. I would like to follow your blog. Anju Jolly

Thank you Anju. I did a Masters at a Jewish seminary in London called Leo Baeck College. They train most of the European Reform and Progressive rabbis there. I’ve long been involved in synagogue life, and ran an adult bible study group. It seems to me that, the more you study the bible, the more you come across difficult or displeasing texts. Perhaps that’s how it is with all the holy scriptures, whatever the religion. Holiness in a text doesn’t seem to mean easiness or even reasonableness, does it?

Interesting blog. 🙂 You seem to have a lot of knowledge about the Tanach.

Thank you for taking time to look at the blog.

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