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I have continued to add screen shots to this post since the day when the EHRC report was published. While the report was hot from the press, Mr Corbyn made his statement, was suspended and readmitted and then lost the Labour whip.

Members of the Corbynist forums react with fury (the same views are found on Twitter). I will not even attempt to describe their comments but invite you to read them. Targets today, 29 November, are Angela Rayner and the left wing Labour MP Nadia Whittome. Everyone who backs Keir Starmer or is supportive of Jews, is said to have accepted the Israeli shekel.

Many of the comments and assertions are naive or plain ignorant but that does not make them less dangerous. Antisemitism in and around the Corbyn movement has reached critical mass and does not depend on Mr Corbyn. If it is driven out of Labour, it will not disappear into a black hole.

Screen shots below are approximately in chronological order.

Flitting between Corbynist forums, I’m not always able to get an impression about which groups are more intensely antisemitic than others and besides, the groups have a fluidity, often very much affected by the administrators. One forum was highly antisemitic, then somebody left and the remaining administrator was pro-Starmer. The group is still well to my left but it isn’t antisemitic.

Through Twitter, I met Natalie Evans, who works as a volunteer in Holocaust education. Natalie, a Labour supporter, had joined a forum called The Left Fights the Media and became aware quickly of the rampant antisemitism and misinformation in the group. She stayed in the group to argue back and was finally expelled last night, after questioning their received opinion that a holocaust was occurring in Gaza, perpetrated by he Israelis and equal in extent to the Shoah.

This post will be mostly screen shots as the threads I have seen on The Left Fights the Media leave me bereft of words. I will show two threads. One, from last night, got Natalie expelled. The other, from eight weeks ago, is a response to harsh words about Jeremy Corbyn, printed in the Jewish Chronicle. Thanks to Natalie for drawing my attention to the comment, ‘He isn’t the first JC they crucified.’

Below is the thread reacting to negative remarks about Jeremy Corbyn in the Jewish Chronicle.

Mr Corbyn and his supporters claim that the EHRC report ‘dramatically exaggerated’ the extent of antisemitism in the Labour Party during the period of his leadership. I believe that Mr Corbyn has a poor diagnostic eye for antisemitism and so do many of his supporters, not all, no doubt, but the many not the few.

Today, they continue what they consider their ‘fight for justice and fairness’.

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