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Prologue. It is 3 March and the Russians have been attempting to invade Ukraine for a week. Conditions are dire in the Ukraine and dire for Russian soldiers in tanks stuck en route while trying to reach Kyiv. Zelensky is inspirational but it seems that nothing good can happen.

Corbynist social media is now focused on Israel; on Israel being worse or on sympathy for Ukraine being unfair when people don’t respond as sympathetically to Palestinians.

An original post about vodka being removed from Co-op shelves triggers nothing on a Corbynist forum apart from ‘What about Zionist produce?’

23 February

As Russian troops enter eastern Ukraine, the Corbynist forums which I follow have their own views about the crisis, presumably in line with those of Mr Corbyn.

When US and UK troops withdrew from Afghanistan, they were at pains to compare the Taliban favourably with the Israelis.

When Bashar Al-Assad used barrel bombs, they declared that this was filmed at Pinewood studios under the direction of then PM Theresa May.

When the Skripals were taken ill in Salisbury, they posted links to Craig Murray’s article stating that Israel was the likely suspect.

I am going to spare you further commentary and deliver screen shots. Please read on.







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Whatever and wherever the crisis, these are the questions the comrades ask each other:

What about Israel?

Isn’t Israel behind it?

Why is no one mentioning Israel?

You may laugh. My sense of humour has been eroded by exposure to their obsession. Probably Israel’s fault.

As the days go by and Ukraine is under attack, the comrades, initially uncertain, return to their default factory settings.

  • James Casserly: Unfortunately there seems to be no middle ground, no nuance and even less humanity on Twitter. Like you, there are people I have no time for, some I a
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  • Gillian Gould Lazarus: You're Nathan Hull, aren't you, an abusive troll who uses the alias Gerard O'Neill?