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It’s 5th April 2021, the days between Pesach and Yom Ha Shoah.

Left wing social media seems worse than ever but no doubt that is an illusion.There is simply no change.

These Corbynist forums, not always Labour as their members have mostly left the Party, are locations where the members can express gross, insulting comments about people they dislike: Keir Starmer, any Conservative, any Centrist, Israel, the Board of Deputies, Margaret Hodge.

Soon after the General Election of 2019, I saw posts on Corbynist forums declaring that Israel or the Rothschilds had somehow rigged the election and that, without them, Corbyn would have been in Number 10. At the time I thought it was an outliers’ view but it has since become axiomatic in the milieu of these Facebook forums.

The screenshots below are from the last five days, from 1 April to 5 April. You will see that there is no change.

  • Gillian Gould Lazarus: Hi Melvyn. I thought he was in Belfast, pro IRA. Talks a lot about/against the D UP.
  • Melvyn Wilcox: Hello Gillian it's your stalker again 😁 Re MartyMooreTaken and reporting him to Twitter. I've looked at his timeline and I 'm pretty sure that he'
  • Gillian Gould Lazarus: Gosh. My late husband went to Jewish schools, primary and then the Hasmonean. He told me that when he was young, he drew a swastika, finding the symme