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Archiving the ‘Truthers’

Posted on: November 22, 2018

The Facebook Forum called ‘Truthers Against Zionist Lobbies’ has as its header a picture of Jeremy Corbyn, arm extended and finger pointing, as if with righteous indignation. The tagline of the group is ‘We support Jeremy Corbyn not Labour Friends of Israel.’

Regulars on the forum may not be members of the Labour Party and it seems likely that many are posting from abroad: North and South America and from the Middle East. Nevertheless, the administrators describe themselves, just under the header picture, as defending the integrity and objectives of the Labour Party. I include this group statement in many of my screen shots.

I am posting here the collages which I made to get as much as possible on each image. I still have the raw screen shots, but these are so numerous as to be unwieldy.

The posts shown here appeared on the Truthers forum from October to the present day.

Now I’m going to start uploading the images, which are no longer in chronological order, but the first one is the most recent. 

tazl 18 aug night

tazl 3 augtazl epstein aug 2019

tazl 22 july impt

tazl 14 july

tazl 15 june tweet and blog

12 apr tazltazl 16 juneeaster monday tazleaster tazl.jpg

18 march tazl

tazl hitler



 tazl 4 feb use

25 may tazl










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