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Archiving the Truthers

Posted on: November 22, 2018

On 7 December 2019, this very disturbing group was at last removed from Facebook. Whether this was due to the volume of reporting or for some other reason, I could not say.

The quantity of screen shots which I uploaded to this blog post became unmanageable and I lost the introduction which I wrote in November 2018 and have amended a few times since.

Some members of the group are from outside the UK but the administrators both claimed to be British and one of them described himself as a member of the Labour Party.

The forum features frequent holocaust denial, extreme racism and some posts favouring Hitler. It would be unrecognizable as a Labour forum, except for the many avowals of support for Mr Corbyn and UK Labour.

By April 2020, the group was back on Facebook,still administered by Rita Allison, Marino Robles and Mahmoud Tashvishi but without the previous header photo of Jeremy Corbyn.

As of today, 18 February 2022, the group is still active on Facebook.

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